5" United States US Subdued THIN Blue Line State Shape Flag

Honor our Homeland Heroes!  

  • Perfect for a police officer, law enforcement, Cop, trooper, sheriff or supporter. 

All of the decals produced by Project Thin Line are PROUDLY made in the USA.

They are printed on a 5 mil, calendered, glossy white PVC vinyl, and coated with a glossy clear lamination. In order to ensure the highest possible quality and durability, we cover our decals with a clear over-laminate film.

The purpose of the over-laminate film: - Prevents damage physical damage to the print (such as scratching, color fading, and tearing) 

Protects the print from harmful UV rays. - Extends the products life expectancy. To achieve the longest possible durability, a lamination layer must be applied. Most competitors avoid this extra step to keep costs low and increase their profits.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality product, at the best cost possible. ProjectThinLine guarantees you won't find a better quality! These stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be easily applied to virtually any clean and smooth surface. Some examples of uses are: vehicle body and window, boats, kayaks, snowmobiles, jet ski's, bikes, motorcycles, ATV's, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, drums, guitars, computer and laptop cases, game consoles, helmets, hard hats, trailers, toolboxes, walls, mirrors, glass and more!

Show your unyielding support for your American law enforcement with the Thin Blue Line American Flag Sticker. These stickers adhere strongly to your vehicle and endure through outdoor use. Display our best-selling sticker today and give back to the men and women that have given their life to protect ours.